linelube FS4647 Soluble Cutting Oil Semi-Syn (Clear)

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linelube FS4647 Soluble Cutting Oil Semi-Syn (Clear)

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product details

linelube FS4647 is an extremely adaptable high performance, chlorine free, bio-stable semi-synthetic type cutting fluid offering truly universal multi-metal compatibility.


  • Amazing versatility
  • Long sump life
  • Outstanding rancidity control
  • Excellent corrosion control
  • Low staining to sensitive aluminium alloys
  • Stable in harder water areas
  • Advanced design offering excellent lubrication
  • Low foaming
  • Single coolant throughout
  • Low misting
  • Low top up concentrations
  • Clean and pleasant to use

Product Specifications


linelube FS4647 has been specifically developed for its versatility across a wide range of materials and applications. It is suitable on most ferrous and non-ferrous materials including cast iron and carbon steel, through to sensitive aluminium alloys and stainless steel. Machining applications range from light duty grinding to high speed CNC milling and turning, concentrations will be variable dependant on severity of application. Linelube FS4647 is ideally suited where a single coolant is required throughout.

Product Category

  1. Cutting Fluids


  1. Other Oil

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