Linelube Agri Chainsaw Oil

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Linelube Agri Chainsaw Oil

Quantities Available

15 x 1L
4 x 5L

product details

linelube Chain Saw Oil is a specially formulated chainsaw oil manufactured from solvent refined paraffinic base oil treated with carefully selected additives. Antifling additives help the oil remain on the chain at high speeds and heavy loads. EP additives reduce the fatigue and wear on both bar and chain, Anti rust additives protect the chain when not in use.


  • Special anti-wear additives provide exceptional protection against metal-to-metal contact for longer chain life
  • For long lasting protection against rust and corrosion

Product Specifications


Use in high speed applications where it’s extra tacky properties will reduce that chances of the oil fling off the chain.

Product Category

  1. Agricultural Oils


  1. Other Oil

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