Linelube Agri UTTO 10W40

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Linelube Agri UTTO 10W40

Quantities Available

4 x 5L

product details

linelube Agri UTTO 10W40 is a semi-synthetic universal tractor transmission oil formulated from premium quality semi-synthetic base oils, together with a special performance package and shear stable viscosity modifiers, providing an advanced lubricant which demonstrates excellent performance characteristics against the various stringent test requirements of major equipment manufacturers.


  • Superior oxidation stability
  • Outstanding rust and corrosion protection
  • Excellent wet brake, anti-squawk and chatter suppression
  • Exceptional anti-wear and extreme pressure properties
  • Excellent high and low temperature performance
  • Low foaming tendency and good seal compatibility


linelube Agri UTTO 10W40 is suitable for use in hydraulic – transmission fluid, specifically designed for use in agricultural tractor power transmission – hydraulic systems, inboard wet brakes and rear axles, employed in the majority of modern farm tractors, agricultural machinery and some construction equipment.

Product Specifications

  • Kubota UDT Fluid
  • Valtra G2-08
  • John Deere JDM J20C, J20D
  • Ford ESN-M2C86B 86C, M2C-134D
  • Massey Ferguson MF CMS 1135, MF CMS 1141 MF CMS 1143, MF CMS 1145
  • Allison C-4
  • Caterpillar T0-2
  • Case MS 1210
  • Case New Holland CNH MAT3505, 3509, 3525
  • ZF TE- ML 03E, 05F,06K, 17E, 21F VCE WB101
  • Agco Powerfluid 821XL

Product Category

  1. Agricultural Oils


  1. Multi-Purpose Oil

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