Linelube 5W30 FMC Engine Oil

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Linelube 5W30 FMC Engine Oil

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5W-30 Synthetic Engine Oil FMC is a new generation, fully synthetic multigrade engine oil formulated for use with a variety of OEM engines, such as those manufactured by Ford. The careful selection of high quality base oils, use of the latest advancements in chemical engineering and additive technology, coupled with rigorous bench testing have enabled 5W-30 Synthetic Engine Oil FMC to set new standards in engine oil performance.

5W-30 Synthetic Engine Oil FMC has been developed to provide outstanding performance, superior soot handling, extended drain intervals, improved fuel economy and greater robustness to the use of fuels containing increased levels of bio-diesel.


5W-30 Synthetic Engine Oil FMC is meticulously engineered to meet modern demands for performance for a wide range of Ford and other OEM petrol and diesel engines whilst meeting Euro IV/V emissions standards.


  • Greater robustness to bio fuels
  • Ensures lubricant performance over extended drain intervals
  • Maintains very high standards of engine cleanliness
  • Exceptional long term anti-wear and oxidation stability
  • Superior performance under both high temperature and low temperature conditions
  • Excellent start up protection
  • Improved fuel efficiency

Product Specifications

  • ACEA         A5/B5
  • API             SN, CF
  • BMW          LL-01 FE
  • FORD        WSS-M2C913-D
  • RENAULT   RN0700

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  1. Automotive Oils


  1. Engine Oil

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