Linelube Gear Oil EP320

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Linelube Gear Oil EP320

Quantities Available

4 x 5L

product details

linelube Gear Oils EP have been formulated to meet the lubrication requirements of a wide range of gear tooth form configurations, such as spur, bevel, helical, double helical, worm, spiral bevel and hypoid. Linelube Gear Oils EP have excellent anti-wear and EP properties, improved oxidation and rust resistance, demulsibilty and antifoam characteristics.


  • Protection against wear, oxidation, rust, foam and corrosion
  • High load carrying capability


Particularly recommended in situations where EP characteristics are required and high operational temperatures are experienced. Recommended for steel mill gearbox applications where shock loading conditions impose special stresses.

Product Specifications

  • Cincinnati Millicron P-74
  • US Steel 224
  • DIN 51517 Part 3
  • AGMA 250.04 & 9005-D94
  • David Brown S1.53.101

Product Category

  1. Industrial Oils


  1. Industrial Gear Oil

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