Linelube Gear Oil SH 220

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Linelube Gear Oil SH 220

Quantities Available

4 x 5L

product details


  • Very high protection (high and low temperatures) from micro-pitting scuffing wear(GFT class:  high).
  • Excellent extreme-pressure performance: protection against high loads.
  • Very high natural viscosity index: (shear stable) and low friction coefficient.
  • Very low pour point: operation at very low temperatures.
  • Very good resistance to oxidation: operation at high temperatures, and lifetime
  • Increasedby a factor of 2 to 4.
  • Compatiblewith seals and metals containing copper.

Product Specifications


Enclosed gears, bearings, gear couplings 

linelube Synthetic SH 220Gear Oil has been developed for enclosed industrial gears to provide optimumgear protection against micopitting and bearing protection against scuffingunder very severe conditions.

- Bevel and spur gears

- Heavily loaded bearingsand gear couplings

Product Category

  1. Industrial Oils


  1. Industrial Gear Oil

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