linelube Soluble Cutting Oil Miracool

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linelube Soluble Cutting Oil  Miracool

Quantities Available

4 x 5L

product details

linelube Soluble Cutting Oil Miracool is a chlorine free, long life multi-purpose soluble oil delivers constant performance in the most arduous operations. Miracool NPX is made from specially developed extreme pressure additives that meet the demands of creep feed grinding along with many other arduous operations.


  • Advanced additive technology.
  • Reduces the need for different coolants for different materials.
  • Helps keep machine tools clean.
  • Reduced fluid maintenance.

Product Specifications


linelube Soluble Cutting Oil Miracool brings maximum cutting efficiency to bear on almost all materials such as high tensile steels and high silicon aluminium alloys. It also prolongs tool life and produces outstanding surface finishes. Miracool is formulated especially for use in hard waters.

Product Category

  1. Cutting Fluids


  1. Other Oil

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