Linelube Two Stroke Engine Oil

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Linelube Two Stroke Engine Oil

Quantities Available

5 x 100ML

product details

A low ash mineral two stroke petrol engine oil manufactured from solvent refined paraffinic base oils blended with specially selected low ash detergent/dispersant additives. It is suitable for both premix and injector systems.


  • Excellent deposit and wear control.
  • Protects against piston and cylinder scuffing.
  • Readily miscible in petrol (self-mixing).
  • Reduced deposit


Recommended for air cooled two stroke engines requiring this performance level and for use in water cooled two stroke engines not prone to pre-ignition.
Usage ratio: 1:50 of Two Stroke to fuel.

Product Specifications

  • JASO: FB
  • API: TC

Product Category

  1. Agricultural Oils
  1. Automotive Oils


  1. Engine Oil
  1. Gear / Transmission Oil

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